Eximia’s Affiliate and Partnership programs


In the Eximiatutor Affiliate program, the partner can offer and expand its service among education customers.

The purpose of the partnership program is cooperation in which Eximiatutor’s services are promoted in the direction of the customer so that the customer orders an additional service or is a so-called New customer. Our partner receives from us the so-called a coupon code that he can use for his own customers.

affiliate marketing and partnership marketing

Alternatives are affiliate and cooperative partnership

Affiliate markets and promotes the sales of Eximiatutor’s services in the market.

The cooperation partners offer their own business customers value-added services, such as technical or content, etc. service, in which case they can also offer Eximiatutor’s service at the same time.

Eximiatutor is scalable and suitable for a wide variety of trainings. Eximiatutor is one of the TOP assessment technology inventors and providers.

Services (more detailed in a shop)

  • Student learning application licence. Instant assessment helps students by getting instant feedback on their practice assignments.
  • For teachers, there are so-called a teacher’s tool where the teacher can use automatic assessment.
  • In the broadest license, the Teacher can get a wide range of services: production of learning materials, preparation of assignments and test service.

Individual products can be purchased through our online store. For wholesale deliveries, for example to schools, pricing has its own discount system.

We reimburse the partner 50% of the price of services purchased in our partnership program. We give partners the so-called a sale code, with which the partner can offer the service to his customer base at a slightly lower price than through the online store. this supports the added value we build together for our customers, and at the same time, the partner network and Eximiatutor get the opportunity to offer the service to an even wider range of customers.

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