Our goal is to make learning great and accessible for every student. Hence, Eximiatutor is intuitively designed and easy to use without any difficult user manual. 

Here’s why we work.


First in the world to use Artificial Intelligence catered to students

Our Artificial Intelligence checks your assignments and give you immediate feedback. Using revolutionary feedback technology, our system allows you to check essays, assignments, math solutions, and many more.

You can also challenge your feedback if you disagree with your score! The possibility with Eximiatutor is endless.

Get instant feedback on your assignments

Immediate feedback is so important to maintain a positive momentum of your learning.

Use our platform to get instant corrections as you type, so you don’t have to wait for the correct answers from a tutor. How easy is that?

Study wherever you want, whenever you want

Learning is now within your control! You can study using a mobile phone or laptop anywhere. With just an internet connection, our courses and assessments can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Learn and repeat your theories anytime you want. There is no rush when you study with Eximiatutor.

Exam-ready materials at an affordable price

With just one fee per month, you get access to all our exam-ready materials and assessments at your fingertips. All our

courses are designed by expert researchers from the University of Helsinki and the Academy of Finland to ensure the best quality.

Quick and easy subscription

Getting an Eximiatutor subscription is quick and easy! All you need is an email address, and we’ll do the rest.


Interested to know more?

Check out our video on how learning happens in Eximiatutor!


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