Q: I’m a high school student, what can I get out of Eximiatutor?

A: Eximiatutor helps you study high school courses and assessments specific to exams. The biggest advantage of our on-demand learning platform is the immediate evaluation of your work. You will instantly know how well you did on specific topics and whether you need to repeat them.


Q: Can I improve my grades using Eximiatutor?

A: Yes of course! We have seen our students excel in their grades with Eximiatutor. However, always remember that your own hard work and contribution matter, and you should spend as much time possible completing your studies in the system. We are here always here to help you do better in school.


Q: What is the best way to study using Eximiatutor?

A: Our courses are best studied at your own pace before you take the subject in high school. That way, you know about the topic in advance, and our courses can support your learning in the best possible way.


Q: Who designs your high school courses and assignments?

A: All our courses are developed by teachers who are specialists in a particular subject. These teachers meticulously plan the courses, assignments, and evaluation of the subject to ensure that it meets the guidelines of high school studies.


Q: Why is Eximiatutor so good?

A: With Eximiatutor, you can accurately measure your own skills in a specific topic, which will allow you to focus and improve. Our immediate task and exam feedback is a unique feature that saves students a lot of time and effort. Plus, you can also study our courses anywhere, anytime!


Q: How is Eximiatutor different from other e-learning materials and platforms?

A: Eximiatutor is currently the only learning software in the world that reviews and grades text and essay answers for students. Our software can also grade math and dissertation assignments, while other software only grades multiple-choice questions.


Q: Are there any restrictions on using Exiamiatutor?

A: Not at all! The only requirement you need is to have a working internet connection. Using either a laptop or a mobile phone, you can study anywhere, anytime.


Q: Can I share with ID with my friend? 

A: Your Eximiatutor account is personal to you, and it shows your own progress in assessments, tasks, and courses. We would not advise sharing IDs


Q: How do I make a purchase?

A: Our subscriptions are monthly, and you can sign up for a subscription through this link.


Q: I am a minor. Can I still have an Eximiatutor subscription?

A: Yes, you can. As long as you apply for a subscription using your email, you can choose to pay for the subscription yourself or have your parents pay for it.


Q: How was Eximiatutor developed? 

A: Eximiatutor was founded in Finland in 2016. The roots of our innovation stem from thorough  research carried out by top researchers from the University of Helsinki and the Academy of Finland. We’ve identified a need for students to have a better system to grade essays and assignments, and created software to deliver the best solution for these students.


Q: How does Eximiatutor’s Artificial Intelligence help me with learning?

A: Our technology uses Natural Language Processing to recognise language structures and automatically check answers. These algorithms compare answers with teachers’ solutions and provide instant and accurate feedback to students.


Q: How will Artificial Intelligence change education in the future?

A: Both students and teachers can benefit from Artificial Intelligence. At this moment, only a handful of companies have the technology to automate answer-checking using AI, and Eximiatutor is one of the frontrunners in this field.


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