Our mission is to help young and older people around the world to become the best version of themselves. We help people to find their strengths, find their confidence and assist them improve their knowhow.

Hundreds of thousands young and adult students in Finland have been trained by us throughout late 20 years.

Our strategy is to offer intellectual solutions to our clients on how to make studies effective and reach better grades.

Finland is known for its social equality. We have top results in OECD countries PISA test results, we are well known in technologic solutions and we have high quality pedagogic teachers to teach us during the first vital years. We believe eximiatutor’s combination between modern AI technology and pedagogy offer today a more effective way to learn.

We are delighted to offer you more information about us and our work making equal learning accessible in the world. Please contact our customer service +358 (0)44 9800 753 or info@eximia.fi if you have any questions.