Studying in High School these days isn’t easy…

We created Eximiatutor because we understand the challenges high school students face today. High school takes more out of students than before.

It could be because:

      • High school studies move at a pace that’s too fast, which is sometimes hard to follow.
      • Most students have an active social and extra-curricular life, so it’s challenging to stick to a timetable.
      • Students have no way to track their progress without the help of expensive private tutors!
      • Students need a quicker way to learn through exercises and theories right before their exams.
      • Most virtual study platforms only assess students through multiple-choice questions – which is not the best for STEM subjects like Mathematics.


Eximiatutor’s Online Learning Technology

Our program helps high school students track their own skills and progress and evaluate their level of expertise. We automate learning – which means that students get better control over their progress, and study better.

Just like Lotta here!


Why Learn With Eximiatutor?