Getting feedback is a big deal for a student. It can be a sensitive moment when one’s own incompetence is revealed and the self-image crumbles in a delicate youthful stage, or it can increase one’s low self-esteem. Most of the time, it’s something in between. As lecturers and teachers do not have sufficient time resources to provide feedback, we should invest, for example, in technologies that allow students to independently detect the difference between their own response and the right answer and understand what things should be repeated. This may be too demanding for students nowadays when all services are on hand and automated. The fact is that teachers do not have enough time to give individual feedback or go through demanding assignments and correct exams. Teachers are more mentors and facilitators, that is, they create opportunities and tell about different ways to implement learning.

Artificial intelligence, neural networks and machine learning are already present. The organization of learning and courses as well as teaching will become easier as technology develops. The work of a teacher is going to change, but technology is rushing to help. Artificial intelligence is harnessed to review and evaluate tasks. The machine wins the man and does the inspection of assignments half-free, the teacher organizes and gives their final approval as well as signs the certificate. The teaching and learning process is emphasized and students do some of their school work at home or away from school with teaching platforms and software.

The new artificial intelligence of learning enhances the learning of Finnish high school students

Eximia has created AI technology for high school (Eximia Virtual Learning) that allows you to automatically review and score essay assignments. Other task types are also solved automatically. The feedback from the assignments guides the student to review the less skilled areas and tells what is improved to get a better grade. In the end, repeating ambiguities and increasing routines, ie doing exercises, increase confidence and competence, after which the student’s level of competence has risen after completing the exam, and he or she also gets a good result with more routine competence from the course exam.

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