Eximia provides two options to utilize inspection technology: A ready-made SaaS-based learning application or integrating the technology into an existing learning management platform (LMS)

If you want to offer students an easy solution to flexibly improve their skills, a SaaS-based application is chosen, with the help of which the student revises and studies subjects independently at any time, receiving immediate feedback on their skills. It also helps students familiarise themselves.

Existing content or courses (assignments and model solutions) can be implemented quickly. If you want to prepare new content, it’s worth talking to us right away, because the introduction of technology is fast, but the preparation of content requires time.

Additionally, integrating technology into the customer’s teaching platform is simple. Automatic assessment of tasks and exams can be integrated into key educational platforms such as Canvas, Itslearning and Moodle with examinator’s technology.

A visual function (module) is integrated into the educational platforms, where the student gets:

  •  choose a task according to a suitable topic,
  •  prepare a text-based response and
  •  automatic assessment (checking, scoring and feedback).

The interface or integration follows the general learning tools interoperability LTI 1.3 standard.


We can eliminate many complex development steps and speed up the deployment of the service. Contact us as soon as you consider the introduction of inspection technology, at the latest before starting the project: info@eximiatutor.com