So far, there have been no artificial intelligence services for students on the market that can automatically check assignments and guide students to review less-learned topics. Current technology can be used to solve multiple choice and math. New technology is emerging right now, and the artificial intelligence technology of the future will enhance learning. As it has not previously been possible to check text answers automatically, the questions have so far been multiple-choice and merging and filling tasks. Essay questions provide a clearer and better picture of the respondent’s ability to process information as well as various entities. The student’s ability to apply the knowledge he or she has learned is paramount, taking into account future studies and especially exam situations. New technology and automatic scoring of essay answers are now being utilized by Eximia Virtual Learning, which allows high school students to improve their skills.

An essay task measures competence

Text-based questions measure a respondent’s ability to perceive and understand different relationships, entities, mechanisms, models, and different processes. Applying and understanding theoretical knowledge is a prerequisite for understanding entities, and text answers are the best way to demonstrate knowledge so far.

Text questions can be used to observe how the respondent perceives the topic and to ascertain his or her level of competence. In addition, text-based tasks can be used to create a question layout that guides the answer based on the given starting points and directs the respondent to apply the information.

Managing broader issues and entities is considerably challenging to solve with multiple choice or other similar forms of tasks. The key problem is that the answer is not necessarily based on understanding things, a thought process, or a creative approach to the topic. The respondent may know the detail asked, which only tells how well the respondent remembers individual things.

Of course, this is not so divisive. You have to consider what you want to test at any time. And at the same time, it’s worth remembering that the student doesn’t benefit from knowing individual things; the aim should be to understand large entities and to understand how these entities intertwine. Enlightenment (a high level of understanding) arises when a student perceives how the interfaces of different disciplines intersect. Multiple-choice task types almost always delimit the answer and detach it from its background, thus testing the details of the topic. Even if making multiple choice challenging, in which case one would have to solve a group of equations or consider different cause-and-effect relationships and solve the problem on paper, it has always been detached from the larger whole. Of course, managing the whole requires mastery of the details, but other than essay questions, it is almost impossible to tie the details and the whole together.

Easy inspection favours multiple choice tasks

Because existing technology does not allow for rapid checking and scoring of text-based resistors, multi-selection and the various multi-choice variations derived from it are mainly used to create the tasks. Ironically, partial expertise can then give a good result. To top it off, multiple choice also allows you to bet on choosing the right answer. How? Some basic information is needed to drop the most likely wrong options, and we are in a situation where there are two options and the probability has also risen from the original setup, so we are in the gambler ‘s ideal situation, making the right choice.

In the upcoming sections of the blog series, we’ll talk about how Eximia Virtual Learning helps high school students improve their skills with the help of new technology.