Developed by Eximia, Eximia Virtual School is a completely new kind of service that offers high school students e-learning comparable to private tuition at a very affordable price. Digital software provides immediate feedback on student performance and thus takes e-learning to a whole new level.

With the help of software utilizing artificial intelligence, the student gets immediate feedback on the tasks they have done and, above all, a stronger understanding of their own level of competence. The software has been taught Finnish grammar, which allows it to identify sentences and sentence structures from the student’s answers. The use of the software benefits both the student seeking top grades and the student who needs help with the basics.

We are now looking for beta testers for high school students for Eximia Virtual School. The software works on any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Initially, the service offers courses in biology and geography, and the range of courses is constantly expanding.

In the background is the growing weight of the student certificate

Eximia has been developing training software utilizing artificial intelligence since 2017. The development of the software is based on the growing importance of high school studies and the student certificate in the pursuit of postgraduate studies. The result of the development work was the Eximia Virtual School, which offers students a completely new way to optimize their own skills and raise their level.

Help both during the courses and during the test week

You can get the most out of the software by using it regularly, both during high school courses and during test weeks. At the beginning and middle stages of the course, Eximia Virtual School serves as an excellent review tool, for example. The software can also be used to prepare for the next lesson by going through the topics covered in advance. During the trial week, Virtual School is a great tool for testing skills.

Try the software for free!

Software development has progressed to the beta testing phase, and we are now looking for high school testers for the service. By using Eximia Virtual School, you can not only take advantage of unique technology for free, but also be involved in important development work! Start testing immediately HERE.