Coaching team Eximia has been involved in helping Finnish young people to start university studies for 20 years. Based on the appreciative customer feedback we received during our one-generation rush, we have played an important role in helping young people to put their own skills to use and achieve the study place and profession of their dreams. We are now bringing new next-generation technology to Finnish upper secondary school students. We want to support them in finding their best skills and achieving their dreams.

The artificial intelligence development project we started in 2016 is coming to an important stage. The development will not stop, but it is time to take a new step and move on to the next generation of technology in learning. Our new Eximia Virtual Learning (EVL) technology provides immediate feedback on student performance. In particular, reviewing essay and written answers automatically is one of the most innovative features of our technology. Eximia Virtual Learning guides the student to discover their own skills and what issues still need attention.

As a practical application of the technology, we have developed the Eximia Virtual School in Finland. It is not connected to training course services, at least initially. The upper secondary school service will be internationalized initially in Europe and later more widely on different continents.

The Virtual School can be introduced by anyone if they so wish. The service enables immediate inspection of test and exercise tasks, which enhances learning and time spent on it. After Finland, our service will expand to Sweden and the UK market. Eximia Virtual School supports 10 well-known Western languages, so the service’s automatic inspection feature and wide range of languages allow it to be exported to many different markets.

Take a closer look at; the service is free for everyone so far and will always include a free trial period.