How AI speeds up the conduct of exams

Normally, a teacher takes half an hour to prepare test tasks in middle school, high school and other education, unless he uses old test tasks from the test system (from the teaching platform).

Correcting the exam takes an experienced teacher about 4-5 minutes (4 different text tasks) when the process goes smoothly.

Perfect planning and scoring of the exam in advance is not possible without a functioning structure. Even then, the result is not perfect.

Unpredictable things always come up during the exam checking process and the teacher has to adjust his scoring scale. At the same time, the inspection must re-check the already checked exams.

Evaluation is a cognitive process. The human brain is a superior way to check exams, the only limitation is that the amount cannot get too big. The brain is suitably pedantic and at the same time grasps the whole.

Checking the exams of a group of 30 students takes 2.5 maybe 3 hours, however, the checking work cannot be done straight away, but a break is needed from time to time. With all the corrections and rechecks, the exam may take twice as long, i.e. 5 or as much as 6 hours. In the worst case, the teacher uses the entire weekday evenings for checking.

AI based automatic (pre)checking makes work easier!

The artificial intelligence-assisted pre-check of the exam produces an assessment proposal directly for the teacher. The teacher checks the result parameters and accepts or modifies the pre-check. It takes a careful estimate of 0.5-3 minutes per exam, depending on the length of the answer and whether the pre-check needs to be modified. Calculating like this, it takes 1.25 hours.

Even if the advantage of artificial intelligence is undeniable and tempting to use, one must be critical and understand that in order to save time without suffering quality, one must learn to use pre-checking.

The biggest benefit is that the task can be scaled, i.e. reused indefinitely. At the same time, the task develops or different variations can easily arise from it.

If gentle use doesn’t start to go well with training, you can ask for help afterwards. It is also worth acknowledging that in your case the use of artificial intelligence is not beneficial, at least now. So you have to experiment and draw your own conclusions. Contents and courses change, maybe in the next step a pre-check might be useful.

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